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How much do you know about the structure and characteristics of the blower

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Turbine type air blower is also called the turbine type centrifugal fan, which has the characteristics of long service life, precise structure strong, safe and reliable operation, and its use range is very wide, regardless of production or processing industry, it can be fully used. Although the air blower is very useful, the people who know it are very few. So in this article, the main is to give you the popularity of the relevant knowledge on the Pu blower, we want to help.
Analysis of the structure and characteristics of the air blower:
The blower is composed of rotor, impeller, bearing, machine body, base and lubrication system.
Rotor: shaft, impeller, bearings, synchronous gears, couplings, bushings and other components.
Impeller: the use of involute surface, high volume utilization.
Bearing: in coupling end as the positioning end with 3000 type double row spherical roller bearings. In the end as the free end gear type 32000 row radial short cylindrical roller bearings to accommodate axial displacement of rotor thermal expansion at.
Synchronous gear: composed of gear ring and hub, easy to adjust the impeller clearance.
Body: composed of casing and left and right wall panels. The left and right wall panels and the bearing seat and the sealing part which are arranged in the left and right wall plates can be mutually used.
Base: medium and small fans are equipped with public base, large fan with fan base, easy to install and debug.
Lubrication: the gears are immersed and the bearings are lubricated by splash. Good lubrication effect, safe and reliable.
Transmission mode: to direct coupling. If the performance specifications need, you can also choose the speed of the V-belt pulley. Coupling with elastic coupling, can ease the impact and compensation for a small amount of axial deviation. Large flow fan divided by the motor as the drive, but also can be used steam turbine or other drive.
The characteristics of the pass through blower:
The turbine blower the impeller in the body running without friction, no lubrication, so that the exhaust gas is not oily. Is the chemical industry, food and other industries ideal pneumatic conveying gas source.
The turbine blower is operating volume blower. With the change of pressure, the flow rate is very small. But the flow rate with the change. Therefore, the choice of pressure is very wide, the choice of flow can be achieved by selecting the speed.
3 of turbine blower speed is high, the gap between the rotor and the rotor, the rotor and the body, and thus less leakage, high volumetric efficiency.
The structure of the turbine blower determines the mechanical friction loss is very small. Because only the bearings and gears have mechanical contact on the material selection, the rotor, chassis and gear ring has sufficient mechanical strength. Safe operation and long service life is one of the main characteristics of the blower.
The rotor of turbine type blower, through static and dynamic balance check. The product runs smoothly, the vibration is minimal.
If you look at the above, is it possible to find a very strong blower? Yes, these are the main reasons for the popularity of the through type blower in the market.
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