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Performance and wiring requirements of vortex air pump

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Vortex type air pump, also known as vortex fan, high pressure fan.

It has a steady flow, high efficiency and low energy consumption and low consumption: in the control of the previous design and strict quality, so blowing attract any way any method has its effectiveness, and the range of the high pressure of the conservative design, produce changes in usage, Haoguan fan still safe operation. Easy installation: can be installed at any place for compressed air or vacuum. And can be installed in horizontal or vertical direction. High reliability: in addition to the impeller, there is no other moving parts, and the impeller is directly connected to the motor, gear or belt drive, so high reliability, almost free of maintenance. Low vibration: high mechanical precision, the other parts of the rotating parts have been extremely accurate balance design, testing, calibration, so the vibration rate is very low. Save space - solid design, reduce space waste. The highest quality: thirty years of experience in the wind and strict quality control, so that all parts can achieve the highest quality requirements. At the same time in order to ensure the performance of each typhoon, the factory must run before the test.

Vortex air pump installation method: vortex high-pressure fan can be installed at any angle, with screws fixed on the level and have a rigid foundation or base. The base weight is about 3 times higher than that of the high pressure fan. Special attention should be paid to the base is uneven, if when the bolt when the vortex machine may occur deformation of high pressure air. Can be equipped with shock absorbers to reduce noise. When the suction port is not connected with the ventilation way, in order to prevent danger or foreign body inhalation, please install the wire mesh or filter.
Vortex air pump configuration:
1 housing material: the vortex pump adopts super degree of die cast aluminum, aluminum die-casting and Benz wheel the same aluminum, compared with the ordinary Aluminum Alloy, die casting aluminum stronger, relative to the iron fan, more lightweight role.
2 motor performance: the vortex pump adopts broadband, wide voltage motor, included: single phase 110V/230V: 220/380/415/660V, an industrial three-phase motor frequency 45-75HZ FM, IP55 protection grade F insulation grade, its advantage is not up to the process of domestic motor, favored by domestic and foreign customers.
3 fan oil seal: vortex air pump using the German MERKEL oil seal, Germany MERKEL (Merkel) material can be used to absorb fluorine -25 to 300 DEG C. Relative to the general oil seal lip temperature is higher than the working medium temperature 20~50 DEG C, more stable performance, maintenance free, long life.
4 fan bearings: vortex pump core components using the German SKF, Japan NSK brand bearings, bearing up to 350 degrees Celsius, the speed of 4000 rpm. Stable performance, low noise, maintenance free, long life, to ensure that the fan running longer.
Connection requirements of vortex air pump
1, the power supply, please use the fixed voltage voltage cycle number (the record value on the label), and the assembly line of the correct wiring.
2, the change in voltage should be within the positive and negative voltage of 5%. 10% can also be used, but for a long time voltage changes, easy to cause trouble, it is best to avoid. )
3, because the blower without overheating load protection device, can not monitor the heat of the blower, so please install the same horsepower overload protection electromagnetic switch. And adjust the safety current with the same value as the plate.
4, according to the horsepower of the motor and the electrical way, choose the standard wiring.
The EU can refer to the safety information: EN60034, EN60204-1, EN294, IEE wiring regulations. Specific industries and countries have further safety requirements, please consult their trade and security unit.
5, confirm the direction of rotation:
When the wiring is completed, the switch is turned on (a moment) to confirm the direction of rotation and whether there is any noise. Direction of rotation, as indicated by the arrow on the blower. If the direction of rotation is not correct, suction and delivery order will be reversed, for the three phase, the three external lines in any of the two exchange.
6, grounding to prevent leakage accident, please install ground wire.

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