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Shanghai Li Kai Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional company engaged in the wind Parke fan series fan sales, G200 series of vortex pump, high pressure blower, annular high-pressure blower, G400 series vortex pump, high pressure blower, annular pressure blower, turbine type medium pressure blower in recent years to shoulder the pursuit of customers on product quality and price the constantly provided blower to implement a high performance and efficiency maximization and provide technical resources and so widely made unremitting efforts.

Companies adhere to the quality first, customer satisfaction business philosophy, continue to attract professionals, the company in a positive and pragmatic style, learn from a variety of advanced management experience, to establish a good corporate culture. Deal with customer service and technical selection, at the same time, a large number of inventory in Shanghai to meet the needs of the market, equipped with a selection of engineers, welcome calls (+8621-67620386).

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